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Vintage logo design trends

Vintage logo design trends

The new wave of “Vintage” fashion trends from clothing items, antique looking gadgets and humongous oiled-up beards has now well infiltrated the world of design. Vintage logo design trends have given businesses a stylish and classy look to outplay the competition. After a fortuitous walk around London, two businesses have tastefully demonstrated a successful execution of vintage logo design trends. ‘Rock’ men’s salon located just off West Hampstead tube station has delightfully converted a rather humble salon into a unique vintage experience. Their logo was immediately eye-catching and the invitational vintage whiskey offered to their customers gave the whole salon a distinctive vintage design synonymous and complementary to many vintage logo design trends.

Another, handsomely, designed brand hidden in the London’s bustling Borough Market is ‘Whiskey Ginger’ burger and cocktail merchants. Its well-designed bar smoothly compliments the recent wave of vintage logo design trends. The success of these two brands is reluctantly due to attention to detail with all aspects of the business, both in their online and offline presence.

Vintage design trends not only attract the younger generation but  it is also widely accepted by mature audiences. It provides a warm and cosy environment; with its quirky  seating and rustic wood decor, which automatically pleases the eyes of customers and allows them to unwind and enjoy their vintage experience.

At alpha we designed simple logos following the vintage logo design trends available on many freebie design websites. We must admit that the outcome is pretty satisfying if you’re not prepared to break the bank. However, businesses that are looking to change the look of their existing business or thinking of starting a company with the vintage logo designs in mind, then we can provide a unique and stylish vintage branding consultation.

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